Birmingham Rep

With March upon us the Cultural Interns are entering the final month of their internships. Vita Fox looks back at her last five months with Birmingham Repertory Theatre…

Bizarrely, in less than a month, this internship will be over. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to take down the current exhibition, put up the next one, and put in place the means for the next three or four upcoming exhibitions to go ahead without me, as I’m the liaison for them all at the moment.

stories-title-poster-new-font Poster for Stories To Tell In The Middle Of The Night

One exciting thing I got to help out with recently was publicising Francesca Millican-Slater’s show Stories To Tell In The Middle Of The Night. I met with Fran and her producer Pippa Frith and we talked about what we could do in the foyer to advertise the show. We talked about how Fran could do little mini previews, like live adverts, telling stories that weren’t in the show to people who came to the REP, for free. I didn’t think the foyer would really work for these previews because Stories To Tell felt like a more intimate show and would need a more intimate space. I took Fran and Pippa down to an alcove of the basement of the REP that I’d come across when I’d been exploring. 

From that came Stories In The Basement. Fran put together some stories which would work for that space and I organised with REP people how we could make these little previews happen. It was great to be at the forefront of a project, making copy for the website, coordinating volunteers to do the stewarding, as well as publicising the full show in various ways, such as making them a new teaser trailer, putting some extra stories on the iPads in the foyer so people could get a taster of the show, and designing the title treatment for Stories To Tell In The Middle Of The Night, which is now on all the posters and everything! Stories In The Basement was a success, generally: it’s tricky with free shows, you can never tell if people are going to turn up, but all those who I spoke to after having seen it said they wanted to buy tickets to the full thing, so that’s a win. You can still catch the full show if you want – Stories To Tell In The Middle Of The Night is going to various community venues in the West Midlands as part of the Barry Jackson Tour, and it’s well worth a watch.


Poster for One Love

Lots more exciting things coming to The REP soon. Ever since I started in October, the show gradually looming has been One Love: The Bob Marley musical. And now it opens next week. As does my exhibition. I’ve been liaising with various people providing a wealth of artistic content, from BCU students to people from the International Reggae Poster Contest, and if you come to The REP pretty soon you will see reggae-inspired posters and artwork and merchandise all over the place. We’ve even ordered bunting. Who knows how it’ll all come together, but it will, because it has to, and I’m so excited to see it all up. And then the next one. And the next one. It was difficult to know when I started how much could really be done, how much I could do, particularly when exhibitions to link in with shows hadn’t really existed at The REP before. But now they do, and will continue to do, and it’s brilliant being part of that. 


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