Countdown to Flatpack 10

As Flatpack Film Festival fast approaches, and with the brochure complete, it’s safe to say Cultural Intern Rachael Yardley has well and truly settled in at Flatpack HQ.

The clapper board countdown causes excitement and panic in the Flatpack office in equal measure...
The clapper board countdown causes excitement and panic in the Flatpack office in equal measure…

Over the last five months I have done and learnt so much that it’s tricky to know where to begin. The most wonderful thing about working for such a thing as Flatpack Film Festival is that you see something grow from ideas and excited conversations into a wonderful, vibrant, living thing. At the time of my last blog post I was giving my opinion on the new design options for a brand new Flatpack 10 identity. Now Flatpack’s swanky new look adorns the website, social media, advertisements, and the brochure. And it’s not just any design revamp – it’s 3D! (Made with coloured blocks of wood – you can check out a timelapse of its creation on the Flatpack website)

Flatpack’s new identity. CREDITS: Justin Hallström, Rob Wilson, Hannah Myatt.
Flatpack’s new identity. CREDITS: Justin Hallström, Rob Wilson, Hannah Myatt.

My role, skills and enjoyment have grown right along with the festival. One of the wonderful things about my role as Marketing Assistant is the need to be at the heart of the arts scene in Birmingham. It’s important to be fully aware of other cultural happenings, in order to promote fun, interesting events, as well as find suitable events from which to shout about Flatpack. In terms of experience my internship has thus far been invaluable, from smaller things such as learning how to use InDesign to taking on important tasks and projects, like selling advertising space in the Flatpack 10 brochure or working with Be Festival and IDFB (International Dance Festival Birmingham) to produce the Festival Threesome pass (allowing visitors to attend an event at each festival for a bargain £30).

Advertisement for the Festival Threesome Pass
Advertisement for the Festival Threesome Pass

Now is the busiest and most exciting time for us marketing folk – after a couple of months of eavesdropping on programming conversations, seeing snippets of films and intriguing images of venues, the full festival picture has emerged and it’s pretty awesome. Highlights are now on sale and include some wonderful films with new live scores, entertainment in the form of brave individuals baring their teenage souls through their diary entries, as well as Flatpack’s trademark ‘outside of the box’ cinematic experience.

Flatpack 10 Highlights
Flatpack 10 Highlights

The full programme will be revealed imminently. For now, I’m in the process of recruiting student ambassadors and marketing volunteers for the festival, proof-reading the brochure before it’s sent off for printing, and getting the website ready for when the programme goes live. I’m also working closely with the superb Marketing Manager, Annabel Clarke, implementing a marketing plan for the festival, as well as regular social media-ing and contacting as many people as possible to get the word out about Flatpack’s upcoming 10th birthday. It’s a busy job, but when you have such a spectacular festival to promote, it’s a pretty great one.

Behind every great festival is a lovely bunch of people working tirelessly to make it happen. The Flatpack team are certainly that, and a major highlight of my internship so far has been the people that I have met. This extends beyond Flatpackers, to artists and others involved in the festival, and of course my fellow UoB Cultural Interns.


Cultural Intern Christmas Outing.
Cultural Intern Christmas Outing.

I am beyond excited for Flatpack 10, but there is an underlying twinge of sadness at the realisation that the festival will herald the end of the internship. Still, it’s not over yet…



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