Sampad’s 25th Anniversary Gala

It’s been a fairly busy 2 months for cultural intern, who is working with Sampad South Asian Arts…

Almost on my first day I was given responsibility for an initial grant application as well as a crowdfunding campaign! I’ve really enjoyed the challenges so far and am looking forward to the next few months!

After starting at the beginning of October, there was barely a month to go until my first big event, which was Sampad’s 25th Anniversary Gala. It was a wonderful evening, held at the Bramall building at the University, with artists that have been with Sampad from the very beginning as well as new emerging talent! I’ve been working alongside Ros who is the fundraising guru at Sampad, and for the gala we announced a new funding campaign for our artist development programme: launchPAD.

Sampad 25th Anniversary at Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham









Which leads me to the bulk of what I’ve actually been doing whilst at Sampad and that is: fundraising. So far launchPAD has been the subject around which I’ve written an initial grant application (so fingers crossed) and set up a crowdfunding campaign for. (It’s going until Christmas Eve so check it out here!

I’ve really enjoyed working around such vibrant people and art. It’s been an eye opener and I’ve also enjoyed using research and writing skills gained at University but long dormant! I’ve gone from the extremes of writing a grant proposal to masterminding a social media plan and everything in between – very different challenges but all enjoyable and it’s a pleasure to feel like hard work is paying off! I look forward to what the next few months hold..



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