Residential Week with the Interns

by Charlotte Horobin

The second residential week as part of the internship was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the other interns across the various organisations and see what everyone had been up to! I think all agreed it had been a manic, but fun, first few months with our individual companies that has whizzed by in a blur.

The agenda for the 2nd residential was jam-packed with lots of exciting talks and workshop sessions, including Fundraising, Contracting Artists, Producing, Exhibition Planning & Development, Presentation Skills, Exhibition Interpretation, Education, CV Workshops and Media Training, as well as an evening trip to see Love’s Labour’s Lost at the RSC! The talks and workshops were presented by a fantastic range of people from the cultural sector (including Managers from our own organisations and others). Each session was extremely helpful and beneficial, and it was a great opportunity to learn more about different areas of the arts and the work that goes on.

Love’s Labour’s Lost set in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre    Love’s Labour’s Lost set in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Love’s Labour’s Lost set in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

One of the definite highlights for me was the Media Training session with Sandy Barton at Creative Media at the University of Birmingham. This was an intense, five hour session, but rewarding and engaging nevertheless. Sandy taught us the tricks of the media interview trade – how to acknowledge the interviewer’s questions, but then steer the answers in the direction you want them to go – to get across your message, facts and statements. This involved two practical workshop sessions; Sandy interviewed each of us on radio and then in front of the camera. We learned how best to respond to questions in these two different media platforms. Radio needed more description, whereas television needed to be straight to the point for the News etc to use 15 second bites. Each of our interviews was recorded and we listened/watched them back with Sandy and the rest of the group providing feedback. It was brilliant to be able to see where you had been successful, but also to realise where you needed to improve. It was a shame we didn’t have the time to record them again building on what we had learned!

Photograph of Cultural Interns being interviewed on radio as part of their media training   Photograph of Cultural Interns being interviewed on radio as part of their media training

Being interviewed on radio and camera as part of media training


The residential weeks are a great element of the scheme – not only do you learn tremendous amounts about the arts and essential skills in developing a career within this sector, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to build connections and have a fabulous time with the other interns!

Photograph of Cultural Interns at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts for Museum selfie day

Museum selfie day coincided with the residential week – here some of us are at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts! #MuseumSelfie

Photograph of cultural interns enjoying a well-deserved dinner after all their hard work and  learning

Well-deserved dinner after all our hard work and learning!




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