Evie’s Winterbourne Blog

Trying to find words to kick off post…tricky.

Evie and Nina Nettlefold at Winterbourne

Everyone and their dog will be pouring through here and guess who’ll have to give up their room again? Me, I..…rant momentarily interrupted by screaming sister.  Bear with…

Problem sorted she didn’t want Beattie playing with her teddy bear, yet again! Anyway like I was saying before interrupted by Val, my room is being given over to the visitors, and do I have a say in it? 

Valerie and Beatrice Nettlefold on Winterbourne Terrace
Valerie and Beatrice Nettlefold on Winterbourne Terrace

Fat chance of that ever happening.  But it’s not just my room; Nursies room is being given to the visitors too, which makes two of us without beds to sleep in.

I don’t know why they bother having visitors they just muck up the carpet, the main attraction for them will be poking about in daddy’s magic lantern room, he’ll go mad when he finds out they’re using it.  Bobby and Val are going to be turfed out of the nursery too; visitors want to see all the ‘antique’ toys apparently. 

So yeah, panic stations on the horizons. No one will be more stressed out than Mummy. She…  OMG, not again!  Bear with…

Bobby and Val this time. Hate being the eldest child, hate it!!!

That reminds me I’m sure Nina has been nicking my dresses again, the white one with the lace finish has gone missing and I know I put it out to wear this morning.


The staff are all pretty stressed out too; they have just had enquiries about a group tour for thirty people!!! Imagine trying to feed that lot, glad they’re planning a new menu, group tours always need some tasty food. Well to be honest all their food is tasty. The house is looking good, though they’ll probably change their mind about the layout.  

They open on 28th Jan, so if it snows they’ll bring that onto the cream carpets as well! Why do they bother? I could never run a house open to the public way too stressful.  But they do keep Winterbourne looking good, the Landing looks really pretty and the gardens are just how mummy wanted them. Gertie would be proud.

Anyway, got to dash. Daddy is insisting that we’re at the dinner table for bang on six tonight, the Keen’s are coming.  Another lecture on the development of nuts, bolts and screws. (Groan).  Anyway I only have an hour to get ready, so must get on.

Talk later, Evie.

A Spoonful Of Kisses xxxx


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