Halloween Tidings from Town Hall & Symphony Hall…

Caroline Gillett joined the Town Hall & Symphony Hall team at the beginning of October as part of the University of Birmingham Cultural Internship Scheme. Here she tells us about her involvement with Halloween at THSH…

“On Halloween night Town Hall played host to an improvised organ performance which accompanied the silent 1920 horror classic ‘Der Golem’, about a clay monster who comes to life.

The first month of my placement has been spent shadowing the facilities team at THSH. This past week has been focused quite heavily on health & safety. I’ve been learning some key concepts and I was asked to write a risk assessment for the Halloween based event.

Photograph of a stairwell at Symphony Hall decorated for halloween

I was also asked to help decorate the venue for the event, which was a lot of fun! I went shopping for Halloween decorations and then a few hours before the doors opened a small team got to work to ‘spookify’ the foyer area. I’m quite proud of how the staircase turned out, but the cobweb stuff was an absolute nightmare to work with! Not to mention it was sticking to everything and everyone – we had to go around picking bits of it off people as they walked it all around the building! The event itself was a success and there was also a fancy dress competition which I helped judge. The winner was a guy who’d dressed as Frankenstein’s monster.

Next week is my last week with the facilities team before I move to the technical team for a month. For this last week facilities have planned an ‘environmental awareness week’ for me to think about how concert halls can best try to reduce their impact on the environment. We’ll see how it goes!”


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